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By taekwondoam87479715, Mar 13 2017 03:01AM

So, we have a tournament coming up next weekend. If you’ve been to Charlotte Taekwondo America in the past month, you’d know that. We have been promoting it with banners, handouts, articles in the newsletters, emails, … Heck, we’ve even changed our training regimen to help make the competitors from our school fare better.

What we need to consider, however, is the true benefit of the whole tournament experience. A tournament is a motivational tool. It is a product that we can use to get people excited about training, and training hard.

Here is a case in point. Yesterday, we had a fairly informal workout for students who are registered for the tournament. We told the students that we could work on any aspect of tournament participation – Forms, Sparring, or even Board Breaking if the student was signed up for that event. We had about 15 or 20 kids and adults show up to work on some aspect of their tournament preparation. After working for about 45 minutes, we all sat down and I asked them “If you weren’t here today at this class, who would be working on their training at home?” No one answered. I told them “The fact that you are here preparing for the tournament is the real benefit of the whole tournament experience. What happens next weekend is what we will remember for a long time. But the work we put into our training RIGHT NOW to prepare – That is the real benefit.”

The sooner we commit to something, whether it is a taekwondo test, a tournament, an online class, a trip, etc., the more excited we will be about it and the sooner we will start working toward making that goal a success.

Congratulations to all of the competitors in next weekend’s Regional Tournament in Greensboro. You are already a success because you realized the importance and the benefit of this special training!

By taekwondoam87479715, Mar 3 2017 09:37PM

I recently stood in front of a group of students and parents at an Awards Ceremony and, as usual, as we ascended the ranks into the 2nd degree black belts and instructors, I paused to make a few comments about some of the students.

Now, I’m proud of all of my students. I am fortunate to have the job that I do and I enjoy feeling that I am, perhaps, making a difference in someone’s life. But one student in particular I am very proud of. I brought him up in front of a crowd of people and explained that this student was an exceptional kicker and puncher. But that is not what I am most proud of.

I am most proud that this student has learned humility and compassion. I am most proud that this student has learned that the most important thing isn’t being the fastest or the strongest, the one who can kick the hardest or the highest. Those are all great traits to possess, and great goals to strive for. But in any of the martial arts, the main focus should be on improving one’s character.

Confidence, self-defense, physical fitness… All very important goals, and all aquirable through practicing taekwondo. But Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, and Indomitable Spirit – perhaps a loftier set of goals to strive for.

By taekwondoam87479715, Dec 24 2015 05:14AM

We had our board breaking class last night at Charlotte Taekwondo America. It was a blast. There were about 30 people attending, some of whom were breaking boards for the first time. The class was being taught by someone who is very close to me - indeed, the highest rank student I have trained from White Belt - Ms. Sarah Fultz.

As I stood in the back and watched, Ms. Fultz took these students through a class that was interesting, educational, fun, and entertaining. And when it came time for actual board breaking, these guys were awesome.

To watch someone whom you have trained do such a great job doing something you taught them to do is so incredibly rewarding. Watching my beginning students break their first board is a thrill, as is watching my advanced students break with spectacular, unbelievable techniques.

I consider myself very lucky to have a class of students who are motivated and talented. Having a 4th degree black belt who is willing to show up and teach a seminar and share with the class is a blessing.

I will take this opportunity to say thank you to my students for allowing me to do something that I feel makes a big difference in people's lives. Your succuss validates my work, and I appreciate you giving me the chance to make that difference!

By taekwondoam87479715, Dec 18 2015 04:49AM

Tonight, we had our Awards Ceremony and our Christmas party. We had a great time. Thanks for everyone who came out for it.

I am happy to announce our 2015 Student of the Year is Mr. Michael Barilla. Mr. Barilla is a 3rd degree decided black belt and Level 3 instructor.

We also awarded two Outstanding Students of 2015 - Mr. Kaden Ray and Mr. Casson Bell. These guys have really developed into fine martial artists over the last few years.

Congratulations to all of the students on their new ranks. Get into class tomorrow to start the new cycle off right.

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