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By taekwondoam87479715, Jul 17 2017 08:51PM

At the end of each summer, I have about 5 or 6 students who expect to test in August yet have not put in the required effort to be allowed to test. They have not fulfilled their “Time In Rank” requirement and I am forced to tell them that they are not ready, nor are they eligible. You see, it is important that students train two times each week in order to retain what they are learning from one class to another. Sometimes, when students achieve the Blue and Brown belt ranks, they feel as though they don’t need to train as often as before.

That’s actually the opposite of what should be happening. As students get higher in rank, if they want to continue to improve their technique and expand their skill set, they have to train more and more often to see the same gains that they saw more frequently as younger students.

Often, over the summer, students lose the routine of coming to class regularly because of vacations and travel plans. Days are spent at the pool and afterwards, students are too tired to come to class. Short weekend trips take away our Friday or Saturday class times. Before you realize it, the week is gone, and you didn’t make it to class.

I get it. I really do. With my kids going to their grandparents and not wanting to come home, it is sometimes hard to motivate them to come to the school to work out. But I make them anyway. I think it is important. I think that to not come to class regularly means that they are going to get a little bit too comfortable, and I don’t want that. I want them to be ready!

Ready for what?

Well, ready for the July tournament. Ready for the August Promotional Testing. Ready for the September National Tournament. Ready for the November Regional Camp. I want them to not get out of “taekwondo shape”.

Our August Promotional Testing is 4 weeks away. You have time to get your classes in, to become prepared for testing. But you won’t have time if you wait. Look at your calendar and map out which days you will be able to be here. For Black Belts, approximately 16 classes PER TRAINING CYCLE is what you should be achieving. (That’s only 2 classes per week.) Lower ranks have a slightly lower requirement.

Set your goal NOW for the August testing and get in to class. Don’t wait until two weeks before testing to start trying to remember your pattern or start practicing breaking your boards. Do it now! Try to remain in “taekwondo shape”!

If there is anything that I can do to help, please let me know. I am excited to see students do well, and I am happy to be part of their success!

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