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Take the first step of an exciting, new adventure.  Call right now to set up an appointment to try a class.

Starting at the age of five, you can enroll your child in our kids’ karate classes. We like to separate the children from the adults because adults and children need to be taught using different methods in order to get the most from our training.


Our kids’ classes are for children five years old to 12 years old and we find that this age group works great together. We’re able to provide children with the quality instruction they need at their age level. Click here to learn more about our schedules and contact us to enroll your child today!

Our Classes for Children

- Teaches self-discipline

- Encourages physical activity

- Increases self-esteem

- Helps teach socialization skills

- Instills a sense of respect

- Improves listening skills

- Encourages teamwork

- Teaches self-defense

- Encourages non-violent conflict resolution skills  

Benefits of Kids' Classes

Kids' Classes Starting at Age 5

We’d love to start teaching your children martial arts skills. Our kids’ classes are designed to be effective at teaching all age groups.